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I am whispering in your ear:

we are passing, thunderously,

through the tunnel where

this girl was...


we continue pass the river and the little wood

(in the summer it adopts a luscious amazonian look)

and further on, the bog which is vast and green

like my eye

this guy was found there, his lungs full of the green...


now there is a bridge like a kitten's back

but very tough, see

you can put your coke-can on the railing while

you watch the water dragging

now here I tell you

a completely different thing happened...


walking at this pace in the same direction

for a very long time

whispering in your delicate ear

about the filthy heart of my reeking suburbs

we shall come to the same point again


Translated by © Kapka Kassabova. All rights reserved!


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© Elena Alexieva. All rights reserved!


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