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Anton BaevAnton Baev (1963) is the author of six books of poetry, a novel and a book of philosophical fragments.

He is born in the city of Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria and is a graduate of the English Language School. Baev has a bachelor's degree in literature at the University of Plovdiv. He worked as a librarian, reporter, columnist, foreign politics observer. From 2000 Anton Baev is Editor-in-Chief of Maritsa, the biggest regional daily in Bulgaria, published in Plovdiv.

His first poetry collection Snow Signals (1988) has been awarded with the National prize for literary debut. It is followed by The Back of the Darkness (1991); The Rider, The Night and the Desert (1995); The Crucifixion of Odaegithrie (1998).

The critics defined his selected poetry collection The Whole World and Other Apocrypha (2002) as the first entire literary attempt for fixing a civilization model in Bulgarian national poetry with the Mediterranean as a cultural and topographical center in it. Some compare his poetry with the cultural example of the great Kavafis.

In 2004 Anton Baev published his newest poetry collection The Gifts of the World. New Apocrypha who follows his experiments to dramatize the mythology and history and to create a modern poetical express on its base.

Anton Baev is the author of the novel Americans (1997) and the book of philosophical fragments Noah's Ark (1999). His latest work is a book of short stories Women and Planets, translated in Turkish.

Some of his poetry works are translated in Russian and English.


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