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O Motherland Most Dear

National Anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria


The proud old Balkan Range,

Above the Danube blue,

The sun is bright on Thrace

It smiles on Pirin too.



O Motherland most dear,

You, paradise on earth,

Your beauty, your glory

Are endless in their birth!


Many fighters gave their life

for our dear nation,

Mother, give us strength

to follow in their steps.



Download the National Anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria - himn.mp3 (2MB).


The Bulgarian National Anthem is based on a tune and lyrics written by Tsvetan Radoslavov in 1885. He composed them on his way to the battlefield during the Serb-Bulgarian War.

O Motherland Most Dear was adopted as Bulgaria's National Anthem in 1964. The words have been revised repeatedly, last in 1990.


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